Delhi court rules women are dumb

Just came across this article at CNN-IBN titled "Sex after false promise of marriage is rape: Court". The Delhi court sentenced a man to seven years in jail for having consensual sex with a woman. Here is what additional sessions judge Mahavir Singhal had to say
The so called consent under a false promise to marriage is no consent. Accordingly, the consent obtained in establishing physical relationship like husband and wife under false promise to marry the latter is no consent as per law.
In other words, women are dumb and its very easy to mislead them. All you need to do to get them to sleep with you is to promise them verbally that you will marry her, or buy her a saree or a diamond ring. Here are some other ridiculous implicit assumptions made in the case.

  1. Sex is bad. Consensual sex between adults is rape. How about the following situation. A husband "promises" that he will buy her dumb and hot wife a diamond ring in return for sex. After sleeping with her, he decides not to buy her one. Looks like our Mahavir will label this to be a case of marital rape.
  2. Its 21st century and India is still having a huge patriarchy hangup. Women should still be treated like nursery kids and "protected" instead of empowering them.
  3. Once you verbally "promise" to marry someone, its a legal contract you are getting into. You are stuck with it and not allowed to change your worldviews etc. Even if you figure out that the person is not your "ideal" choice, you are supposed to marry since you "promised" her.
  4. Consensual sex means the man is sexually "exploiting" the women even if she has actually enjoyed the contact.

Man, I really wish god takes away dear Mahavir Singh before he does more damage to our society.