Deolalikar's attempt at P!=NP

Vinay Deolalikar's draft of an attempted proof of P!=NP set off an academic storm this weekend with many top mind's set on understanding the paper. See Dick Lipton's blog for the most recent update. The emerging consensus is that the proof won't hold water. But this whole incident only bolsters once faith in P!=NP. The amount of time it is taking people to check his proof seems insignificant compared to the amount of time it might have taken Vinay generating his paper.


Tata Photon Plus: Misleading at the speed of photon

I have been trying out the TATA Photon+ for the last three weeks and needless to say the whole experience has been super frustrating. I thought I should share my experience and review so that others become aware of what they are getting into and maybe benefit from this post. My two biggest sour points with the TATA Photon+ service are:

First, the Tata photon ads are completely misleading (unless you read it very carefully). Yeah sure, any donkey can claim they will provide you internet "upto 3.1 Mbps or 20 times faster". I was skeptical of this gimmick right from the start and had even asked the store manager at their Vashi office if they guarantee any minimum speed. He was quite frank and said no but added the minimum is between 0.5 and 1 Mbps. For some reason, I really wasn't expecting Tata to play this game. In my three weeks of Photon+, I have NEVER ever got download speeds above 0.5 Mbps. And even worse and more annoying is the upload speed. Most of the time it is a pathetic 0.02 Mbps. And between 9pm and midnight, I have never got anything more than 0.01 Mbps. There is no way you can even gtalk at such speed, leave alone conference calls. And no, I am not in some remote village in India. I reside in Nerul, Navi Mumbai just blocks from the MTNL telephone office.

My next issue with them is their customer service. It's bad, I mean real bad. They had (and still have as of writing this article) a promotion where you get 10GB or 2 months if you buy the Photon+ usb modem. I paid in full cash for the modem without any dues. Within two weeks, one fine morning when I was about to go online for my business related work, I realize my photon service has been disconnected! Their reasoning was that I had crossed my credit limit and hence was disconnected. To top it, there was no apology of any sort. I wasn't mentioned about this whole credit limit when I bought it from their store in Vashi. And they were expecting me to dream up that this is a standard procedure. Their response was "Its a standard procedure every new customer has to go through." In any case, it was the Tatas who promised me 10GB or 2 months. Someone messed up internally and didn't make sure my line wasn't supposed to be disconnected. So there you go. After losing a days worth of work, two trips to Tata Indicom store (one in Nerul, one in Vashi), three phone calls to their customer service number and 24hrs later, Tata finally did a huge favor to me by reinstating my Photon+ service. Such is their flattering generosity.

To sum it up: If you expect giants like Tata to act honestly, you are wrong. They are as capable of swindling your money and taking you for a ride as a local crook. How about Tata guarantee say a minimum speed, even if its just 256 kbps or 512 kbps, instead of boasting an unrealistic "upto speeds"? And if the Tatas really want to play this gimmick, why stop at 3.1 Mbps, make it "upto 3.1 Gbps or 20000 times faster". They both are equally fair statements if your committal to provide such speeds is abysmal. If you don't have the infrastructure and resources and cannot provide at least 256 kbps minimum (which is the current TRAI definition of broadband), just don't bother troubling us with "unto 3.1 Mbbs" advertisement crap? If Tata cannot guarantee a minimum speed, how about giving customers a 2 week trial period with full or partial money refund if he/she finds out the speed not unto their expectations?

Hopefully, this will make others aware of the situation and give them a better sense of what they are getting into. Overall I would give 1 out of 5 stars for Photon+ and is definitely not worth the money they are asking for. It's a piece of crap. Stay as far away from it and maybe even consider doing a special Yajna to ward off any evil spirits associated with it.

PS: I think part of the reason Tata gets away with this level of crappy service is because the TRAI definition of broadband connectivity is purely based on download speed without any mention of upload speed. I hope the babus at TRAI consider this in their next update to broadband definition.

PPS: I finally gave in and opted for MTNL triband and am happy with the connection speed so far. I get the promised 1Mbps download speed and 0.2 Mbps upload which is about 20% off from the promised 0.25 Mbps upload. Other than the connection speed, I must admit it isn't pleasant dealing with MTNL. The babus at MTNL behave and talk as though they are doing a favor by providing us internet connection. It took whole 8 days and constant reminders to get a line. I hope its worth the wait.


I deny your definition of god

This note is hugely motivated by the talk which Francis Collins gave at Caltech last week, an event sponsored by the Veritas Forum. First, I found the name of the sponsoring group a bit misleading. The mission statement includes
The Veritas Forum at Caltech seeks to explore the possibility of truth, beauty and goodness in every aspect of our academic and personal lives.
The Veritas Forum, more than exploring truth is about making you feel guilty of JC's untimely death IMO. In any case, Francis's talk was utterly disappointing as far as I am concerned and at many places disingenuous. Even more disappointing was the fact that there weren't any Caltech students to roast this guy's crackpot theory in the Q&A session later. Most of the questions later seem to be coming from the very enthusiastic Veritas crowd itself.

Collins started off his talk by giving a brief background of himself, how he grew from agnostic to atheist and then a believer. This was followed by standard already refuted cliches and provided us with "evidence" for god, namely, the Big Bang theory, something from nothing argument, fine tuning of physical constants and the moral law argument. And this was intersperced with other besides the point, sympathy begging lines like his's is a humble quest for truth, atheists have schoolboy theories about god, how he was thrown off when a dying patient asked him "Sir, what do you believe in?", how he matured into a believer etc. He also kept reminding us occasionally that he has been a believer for the last 30 years (and since age brings authenticity, he obviously has to be right) and how his background in genetics and how his experience with the genomics project directed his mature, humble and open intellectual compass towards god. The thing I found most disturbing was his totally misleading commentary on Dawkin's statement in his debates with him (accessible from Time.com ). From what I recollect, Collins said something like (I am still waiting for Veritas to upload the transcript of Collin's talk at Caltech)
Dawkins agrees that he cannot rationally deny existence of god. He also allows something out of nature that would be so impossibly marvelous, awesome and grandeur and nothing like the god we already know. This sounds like god to me. (Veritas audience claps)
Here is what Dawkins actually said
DAWKINS: My mind is not closed, as you have occasionally suggested, Francis. My mind is open to the most wonderful range of future possibilities, which I cannot even dream about, nor can you, nor can anybody else. What I am skeptical about is the idea that whatever wonderful revelation does come in the science of the future, it will turn out to be one of the particular historical religions that people happen to have dreamed up. When we started out and we were talking about the origins of the universe and the physical constants, I provided what I thought were cogent arguments against a supernatural intelligent designer. But it does seem to me to be a worthy idea. Refutable--but nevertheless grand and big enough to be worthy of respect. I don't see the Olympian gods or Jesus coming down and dying on the Cross as worthy of that grandeur. They strike me as parochial. If there is a God, it's going to be a whole lot bigger and a whole lot more incomprehensible than anything that any theologian of any religion has ever proposed.

Collins's line is totally misrepresentative of what Dawkins said. Taken out of context, it kind of implies that Dawkins is deluded and actually a believer. Sure, Dawkins has stated lots of times in the past that he cannot rationally "prove" non existence of god. But I think Collins very well knows in what sense Dawkins meant this. Dawkins has made it very clear many times that he cannot rationally disprove god the way in which Russells teapot cannot be disproved! Ironically, just a couple of lines before this, Collins accuses Dawkins of misrepresenting opponents position and tearing it apart. Looks like Collins just did what he was accusing Dawkins of doing.

Anyway, coming back to my point, I think atheists need to kind of change their reasoning a little bit. There is credence to the argument that just as one cannot prove god, one cannot disprove it either. The reason being one needs to begin with well defined notions before getting into existence and uniqueness results. One cannot talk of proving or disproving things which are not defined to begin with. And my reasoning here is that ALL the definitions of god so far actually do not qualify for being called definitions worthy of proving or disproving. The closest analogy I can draw is as follows. Consider the question "Prove that set A exists or set A does not exist". One does not have to be a rocket scientist to ask back "What is set A? You haven't defined it for me". The same argument goes for god. All the "definitions" we have so far are just plain poetries/philosophies which serve no purpose other than praising the (as yet undefined) lord. So I think, instead of saying "God doesn't exist", it will be better to ask "What do you mean by god?". And if its one of the standard definitions of god, just tear it down and tell them "I deny your definition of god" and thats its not a good definition to talk about existence. Ask them to go home, relax, think and come up with a better definition. Remind them that you are not a nursery kid and that they can't get away throwing words at you. Let me give an example.

B: Do you believe in god?
A: What do you mean by god
B: I mean creator
A: Yeah, what do you mean by creator
B: One who created this universe
A: Yeah, that is what I am asking you. What do you mean by creating?

I can already see some directions in which this argument can proceed. Some are

a. Discussion about time, what is time, what is "before" and what is "after", is it necessary to have a "beginning", what if time is actually a circle, etc
b. Discussion about matter, what does it mean to "create" matter, etc.

In any case, it doesn't take much to realize that the word "creator", the way its used traditionally to define god has no content in itself. Same with words like all knowing, omnipotent, omnibenevolent etc. They are good enough to write poetries and stories and satisfy our wishful thinking for god. For example, what is knowledge? What does it mean to "know" everything? Is google god? It answers pretty well most of the questions I have.

So all the atheists out there, its better, logical and safe to take the stand "I deny your definition of god" rather than outright denying in positive an ill defined and ill posed question. And please don't give the believers the impression that you are tying to approach god in a scientific way (their standard way to chicken out from such arguments is by saying god is beyond science). I agree this is frustrating since the believers conveniently use science whenever it suits them. But then, world is not fair.


On hard times

Just some random thoughts on life and hard times. I think its good to go through a really bad time at least once in a life time. Like an economic recession which brings to light all the inefficiencies, incompetence and scandals, so does tough personal times. You get to know who your good friends are and the not so good ones. It helps you realize who your true friends are and who like you for what you are and not for what you should be in their eyes. Your not so good friends will be the ones who make unfair judgements about you by relying on hearsays without bothering to get the complete story. Like a recession which weeds out inefficient firms, hard times weeds out those in your friend circle who may not after all be the best for you or your happiness.

In short, recession has its own benefits and so does hard times. Use it to your advantage.


Proposal on 'Marriage Protection Amendment'

The momentum is gaining for amending the US constitution to "protect" marriage by defining it to be a union of a man and a women. Here is the text of the proposal introduced in the senate on June 25, 2008, taken from the Library of Congress website:

Proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the United States relating to marriage.

    Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled (two-thirds of each House concurring therein), That the following article is proposed as an amendment to the Constitution of the United States, which shall be valid to all intents and purposes as part of the Constitution when ratified by the legislatures of three-fourths of the several States within seven years after the date of its submission by the Congress:

`Article --

    `Section 1. This article may be cited as the `Marriage Protection Amendment'.
    `Section 2. Marriage in the United States shall consist only of the union of a man and a woman. Neither this Constitution, nor the constitution of any State, shall be construed to require that marriage or the legal incidents thereof be conferred upon any union other than the union of a man and a woman.'.

Lets look at some of the interesting cosponsors of the bill who are hell bent on protecting the institution of marriage.
  1. Sam Brownback, also know as god's senator, a fiery conservative who even opposes abortion in cases of rape and incest.
  2. Larry Craig, the toe tapping and wide stanced bathroomer from Idaho, who is still not gay. He claims he just overreacted and made a poor decision after his 2007 arrest for alledged cottaging in Minneapolis airport mens restroom. I don't know why the media keeps asking him "Are you gay?" instead of being smart and asking "Are you bisexual?"
  3. James Inhofe, the proud family man, in whose recorded family history, there has never been a divorce or homosexual relationship. This global warming denying republican, also has his own crackpot theory on how 9/11 attacks were god's punishment on USA for not supporting Israel enough!
  4. David Vitter, who was implicated in the now famous DC Madam scandal for using her escort services. The porn magazine Hustler found Vitter's phone number in DC Madam's prostitution service records. On contacting his office, the response was "This was a very serious sin in my past for which I am, of course, completely responsible. Several years ago, I asked for and received forgiveness from God and my wife in confession and marriage counseling. Out of respect for my family, I will keep my discussion of the matter there - with God and them."
So there you go. All it takes to protect marriage is a team or moral crusaders consisting of god's own senator, a still not gay married guy, a crackpot theologist and a sinful married guy whom god (and wife) conveniently chose to forgive as always. You just need to ask for it and he immediately grants you one as long as you are willing to accept Jesus in your life.


Sex is way more popular than Rama or Krishna in India

Check out google India trends from 2004 till now in the plot below. Its a terrible news for all the self appointed moral policers in India. Inspite of all their enthusiasm and efforts, porn, mp3 and sex still seems to be way way popular than Rama or Krishna.

Some other interesting statistics from google India trends are
  1. Kerala tops the search index for sex related queries like sex, intercourse and oral sex, Madhya Pradesh for porn and Punjab for mp3. The software geek state of Karnataka is not even in the top 10 for sex related searches. Karnataka takes the consolation prize by topping the searches for java!
  2. Kerala is the most "breast friendly curious" state and Punjab the most "boob friendly curious" state.

If there is a god popularity contest right now, Krishna will kick ass. What surprises me is that on a scale normalized to Rama, Jesus scores 2.1 and Allah just 0.3. I don't know how to explain this given that the muslim population is around 13% and christians are only about 2%. Either muslims don't give a shit about Allah (which I doubt) or it just points to the abysmal level of internet penetration in the muslim community.

On a more interesting and global scale, Pakistan tops the search queries for sex followed by Viet Nam, Egypt and India. Romania is at the top position for oral sex followed by India. Now comes the interesting part. India and Pakistan are global leaders when it comes to genitalia or mammary gland curiosity. Pakistan is at the top and India second for intercourse, boobs and breasts. For some reason, Pakistanis are not aware of the word vagina or penis (IP filtering?). They are not even in the top 10 in these searches. Indonesia takes the gold and India the silver for vagina. And finally, India takes the top spot for penis thereby making it the most gayest country.

Conclusion: Indians and Pakistanis are currently the horniest underground creatures on this planet inspite of not making in the top 10 horniest countries list in an askmen.com survey.


Bal Thackeray and Hindu suicide bomb squads

"It was heartening to know that it was the supporters of Hindutva who had exploded the bomb in the theatre. But it was sad to know that it was planted to hurt the Hindus and I am ashamed about it."
"The need of the hour is to plant a strong bomb in Bangladeshi bastis (slums) that have mushroomed in Thane and elsewhere in Maharashtra,"
Hear the glorious words of aai-f****r Shiv Sena supremo Bal Thackeray. Is this guy for real? These lines seem straight out of his donkey arsehole connected to his stomach rather than his mouth and brains. Its really ridiculous. One 22 year old Rahul Krishnakumar Vaid was charged (thanks to the Indian Penal Code, the India IT Act and google) and potentially faces 5 years jail time for posting "obscene" stuff about Sonia Gandhia in an orkut community called "I hate Sonia Gandhi". And Thackeray dude goes free no matter what!

In any case, I am wondering how the volunteering process to become a Hindu suicide bomber be. From recent trends, it looks like if you are are Hindu Marathi Manus, you can probably jump ahead the line to enjoy the heavens. And since this Thackeray arse wants to counter Muslim bombs by Hindu bombs, he better match the incentives. At the minimum, 72 sexy and virgin Marathi Bais (or Marathi Hunk Manus if you are a gay volunteer) as a reward in heavens for their martyrdom.

Jai Maharashtra, Jai Hind!