Victory for Mumbai homosexual school kids

Its a day for all gay and lesbian school kids in Mumbai to celebrate. In an apparent move to curb "bad" heterosexual touching and hugging amongst school kids, the Vibgyor School and Jamnabai Nursery School have specifically forbidden boys and girls from touching or hugging members of the opposite sex in the school premises. The rule applies ONLY to members of opposite sex. One of the very few cases in this world where one sees an explicit bias against heterosexuals. Usually, its the other way around. See the link below for this ridiculously funny decision by the school board.

I wonder where this is all leading to. With a typical smuggish attitude, the Trustee of Vibgyor School, Rustam Kherawala argues that it is their duty to tell the kids what's right and what's wrong! I think this school will be a great factory manufacturing desperate, unsatisfied, frustrated and ultra curious boys and girls by the time they are in their 10th grade. Ofcourse, the homosexual kids, with no policing will graduate normal!