Achappam and Chinese Pretzels

Its hard to find a mallu who hasen't heard of the crunchy snack "Achappam". It might actually be equally hard to find a chinese who hasen't heard of "Tong Wan/Chinese Pretzel" :) We got the chance to try this during our Hawaii visit in 2003. Looks the same and tastes the same. A google for achappam or chinese pretzel recipes also confirms it. Most of it has the basic ingredient as

1. All purpose flour or maida or rice flour
2. Milk or coconut milk
3. Sugar
4. Blask sesame seed

Most mallus tend to add eggs and some even add bananas. If I were making, I would also try experimenting with vanilla or cinnamon essence. If you are daring enough and want to make it yourselves, check out the recipes at the following links. You will need a achappam/chinese pretzel mould to fry it. If you don't have one, you can buy the Swedish rosette mould from amazon.com. See a picture below.

Chinese Pretzel recipe at University of Hawaii

Achappam at hindu.com