Corruption Perception Index released: India ranks 70th

Just a follow up on my previous post "Indians bribe most". Transparency International relesed CPIs of various countries worldwide yesterday. India ranks 70th in the list (better than being at the bottom as was for the bribery index). TI reports:

The 2006 Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI), launched today by Transparency International (TI), points to a strong correlation between corruption and poverty, with a concentration of impoverished states at the bottom of the ranking.

“Corruption traps millions in poverty,” said Transparency International Chair Huguette Labelle. “Despite a decade of progress in establishing anti-corruption laws and regulations, today’s results indicate that much remains to be done before we see meaningful improvements in the lives of the world’s poorest citizens.”

Click here for the complete report at TI website. The last index for the year 2006 is going to be released on Dec 7th and measures corruption in institutions like police, judiciary and executive.

Organized youtube with indextube.

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