Borat review

Just back after seeing Borat. Found it quite funny and interesting. I think opinions on this movie will turn out to be good or very bad. It is not for the faint hearted. Its a movie on racism, stereotypes and intolerance. You can read its CNN review and its ABC review before deciding to see it. Both are good reviews.

If you are the kind of person who finds certain jokes out of taste or certain kinds of sarcasm racial or hurting, this movie is definitely NOT for you. Whereas, if you are the kind of person who is potentially "open" to ANY joke, there are lots of stuff for you there. The movie reminded me of Dharmapuranam, a political scatological satire by malayalam novelist O. V. Vijayan (best known for his critism during Indira Gandhi's emergency). You will find lots of sex and excretion interspersed between politicians, prostitutes, power and filth. The opening of the novel is still fresh in my mind :) The Hindu sums it up nicely:

Dharmapuranam marks the completion of Vijayan's metamorphosis into a spiritual outsider. By then, he had travelled a long way from Khasak's Edenic countryside. He had perfected his language to articulate what is "too deep for verbal approximation". Dharmapuranam, while verbally exposing the excess filth, obscenity and horror in power politics, explores the "concept of the teacher and incarnation", which he carried forward to exalted levels in his subsequent works like Gurusagaram (Eternity of Grace), Pravachakente Vazhi (The way of the Prophet) and a number of short stories and articles.
You can read more about Vijayan at wiki and here. Some of my friends found the sarcastic jokes in Dharmapuranam very much "indecent" and "out of taste", whereas I enjoyed reading it. I am quite sure the same people will also find Borat out of taste. Also, don't go for Borat with huge expectations. The best of Sasha is really good and worst of him can be really really bad :)

For me, it was overall a good movie. Didn't get bored anytime, or rather, the times during which I got bored had measure zero!

Song dedicated to Ted Haggard.

This is the same guy who accused Richard Dawkins of "intellectual arrogance" in Dawkin's movie "The root of all evil". Click below to watch it at youtube.

He tells Dawkins:
If you only read the books I know or if you only met the scientists I meet, you would be great like me!

We can now add the following to it
If you only met the gay prostitutes I meet, you would realize that I am such a self righteous hypocrite scumbag!

Whenever you meet a poojari or sadhu or a priest, realize that they have tons of skeletons in their closets.

Stupid Ghose gets a company

If I were managing CNN-IBN, I would definitely stop her from hosting any shows. Even after being told so many times by Jethmalani that it is no business of her to question his right to defend someone, even after her own " national polls" show that a huge majority (80%) of the pollsters support Jethmalani, she goes on with next next segment Was Jethmalani's decision right ?. This time she invited another idiot to the studio room. One Kamini Jaiswal, who was "dissapointed" that Jethmalani is defending Manu Sharma. Note that Jaiswal herself is a lawyer.

I don't know if it was any Freudian slip, but she definitely said what I have in the image above.