WARNING: BJP men singing Vande Mataram.

Warning: This video is so funny you might die of laughter!!!

Check out CNN-IBN. Many of them dont even know its meaning and keep dodging questions :)

BJP's senior leader Ravi Shankar Prasad was asked by the reporter to translate "sujalaaM suphalaaM malayaja shiitalaaM". To everybody's surprise, his ultra retarded (counter question) answer was:

I will definitely give an answer to this question. But before that, I need you to answer my question. When did color television first come to India ? (Translation by me)

I have no clue what his "answer" has to do with the question. Remember, this is coming from a senior BJP leader. The funnier part is still to come. BJP's national secratary, national spokesperson and more importantly, the Muslim face of BJP, Mukthar Abbas Naqvi is asked to sing this song.

He starts off funny and his last line is just hilarious. He ends Vande Matarm with

Kulnikusumathe Madhumati Shobhinim

The actual verse is pullakusumita drumadala shobhiniiM. What is Kulnikusumathe ??? Who is Madhumati and what is she doing here ??? I am glad that he didn't say "Madhumakhi". Maybe someone by the name Madhumati was his ex-girlfriend whom he can't forget. It is sad that we have these politician monkeys monkeying around stupid issues. Anyway, they make good subjects for comedy shows.

The clip reminds me of an interview by Steve Colbert of US Congressman Lynn Westmoreland who sponsored the bill to display the ten commandments in Congress.

This guy was asked to name the ten commandments. Not very surprisingly, he could list only three of them, with one of them being "sort of" right. You can see Steve counting them in the above pic :) Check out that funny clip here.

Bondas, Medu Vadas and Poincare Conjecture :)

Hindu has an interesting article on the Poincare Conjecture written by T. Jayaraman and R. Ramachandran totally adapted to desis. A two dimensional sphere is a bonda, a doughnut is a medu vada, a surface with two holes is two meduvadas glued while frying.

Nice article and funny sometimes, especially if you are not used to bondas and vadas. T. Jayaraman is a faculty at IMSC and R. Ramachandran is a science writer for Frontline (I think).