Sex is way more popular than Rama or Krishna in India

Check out google India trends from 2004 till now in the plot below. Its a terrible news for all the self appointed moral policers in India. Inspite of all their enthusiasm and efforts, porn, mp3 and sex still seems to be way way popular than Rama or Krishna.

Some other interesting statistics from google India trends are
  1. Kerala tops the search index for sex related queries like sex, intercourse and oral sex, Madhya Pradesh for porn and Punjab for mp3. The software geek state of Karnataka is not even in the top 10 for sex related searches. Karnataka takes the consolation prize by topping the searches for java!
  2. Kerala is the most "breast friendly curious" state and Punjab the most "boob friendly curious" state.

If there is a god popularity contest right now, Krishna will kick ass. What surprises me is that on a scale normalized to Rama, Jesus scores 2.1 and Allah just 0.3. I don't know how to explain this given that the muslim population is around 13% and christians are only about 2%. Either muslims don't give a shit about Allah (which I doubt) or it just points to the abysmal level of internet penetration in the muslim community.

On a more interesting and global scale, Pakistan tops the search queries for sex followed by Viet Nam, Egypt and India. Romania is at the top position for oral sex followed by India. Now comes the interesting part. India and Pakistan are global leaders when it comes to genitalia or mammary gland curiosity. Pakistan is at the top and India second for intercourse, boobs and breasts. For some reason, Pakistanis are not aware of the word vagina or penis (IP filtering?). They are not even in the top 10 in these searches. Indonesia takes the gold and India the silver for vagina. And finally, India takes the top spot for penis thereby making it the most gayest country.

Conclusion: Indians and Pakistanis are currently the horniest underground creatures on this planet inspite of not making in the top 10 horniest countries list in an askmen.com survey.


Anonymous said...

"And finally, India takes the top spot for penis thereby making it the most gayest country."

You are assuming that it's just men who are spawning off all those searches.

confusionmeter said...

Quite an interesting read! :)

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Anonymous said...

LoL, but was Google were so much interested to find out what type of porn people around the world were searching for?