Gujaratis are dumb and stupid

so thinks the Gujarat government.

The rest of India is smart and intelligent and can watch the whole Tehelka accusing Chief Minister Narendra Modi of inciting the 2002 Gujarat riots. The rest of India can also use his/her judgement and make its  own opinion after  watching the expose. Whereas the average gujarati is a dumbass. S/he cannot think for itself. The Almighty Gujarat government also knows they are born stupid and naive. Especially if you already had doubts about Narendra Modi. An average gujarati doesn't have the required IQ to see a story and make up its own mind. Their stupidity  behooves the Gujarat government to take the appropriate step  and ban the media altogether. 

This article is meant to be sarcastic and the only interpretation  I can give as to what the Gujarat government thinks about its own people and its subsequent blackening out of several TV channels  starting 19:30 IST on Oct 25, 2007.  The author is not in any way endorsing Tehelka or any other "stings" for that matter.  It might even be true that  it was a Congress sponsored sting as the BJP accuses it to be.  But it surely would have boiled my blood if I were in Gujarat last evening.  Click the image below for the relevant news article.

If you are pissed off  being treated like a donkey and with what happened, its high time you come to your senses and demand the government to treat you and your fellow citizens like grown up adults and not just some suckling cry babies.  Let them know that you are mature enough to make your own decision and abhor media censorship. And you don't need any "moral protection" from the government babus. There is no excuse for such a thing in a  21st century democracy. 

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searched for "Qutan Xida" on google. came across your blog. Yes, got the name from Argumentative Indian. well ..many hi es.

Puppy Manohar
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