Virginia Tech massacre and gun politics.

It has been more than a day since the deadly shootings at Virginia Tech. It won't be long till the gun politics debate start again in US. Both sides of the debate will take this as an opportunity to further their views. Both the sides will proclaim aloud their opinions and convictions as though they were irrefutable god given facts.

It is surprising that the National Rifle Association has still not released any statement whatsoever. Not that they will change their stand, but it will be interesting to see how they exploit this incident to suit their "More Guns, Less Crimes" (MGLC) motto. Nothing substantial yet has been heard from the "Less Guns, Less Crimes" (LGLC) lobby either.

Personally, I wish gun control is the answer. But I doubt. Guns are going to be around, even if the NRA is dead. In an ideal world, we have "No Guns, No Crime" (NGNC). The moment you have some guns floating around, you have to choose between MGLC and LGLC. This is purely a subjective and political choice and there are no hard facts to opt for either one. The NRA is just making sure the Second Amendment stays.

Sure, if there were no guns, we would not have had 32 victims. But surely, the word is not ideal, there are some guns around, and if the others were armed well, we would probably have had maybe only a couple of victims instead of 32.


Christine said...

If the others were armed as well, you would probably have had more than 32 victims. And probably more shooting episodes in the US than you allready have. Why is the American way of thinking when it comes to gun politics, so much different than ours? (Europe)

nairmuse said...

I have no clue why its different, or rather, manages to be different from Europe.

Here is another interesting story (along with a rebuttal) at CNN.

Nugent: Gun-free zones are recipe for disaster

Anonymous said...

completly random comment, but you DO know that charvaka was against inductive reasoning (aka science)