Copycats in bollywood!

Check out this website www.itwofs.com

This guy Karthik has collected a huge list of old/recent/new songs from bollywood which have been outright plagiarised. Backed with a loose interpretation of the word "inspired" and no worries about being sued, this has been going on for a couple of decades. Shamelessly, they don't even acknowledge the source which "inspired" them.

Click here for a list of songs which RDB has copied. For example,

Mehbooba Mehbooba [Film: Sholay (1975)] Inspired from Demis Roussoss's Say You Love Me. Demis' original was released in 1974, while Sholay came out in 1975.

Click here for a list of songs partly copied by ARR.

CNN-IBN has this very interesting report at

Fantastic job Karthik.


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