I did not discover Cao/Zhu and Kleiner/Lott similarities

One of my friends pointed me to some writings floating around in wikipedia, ars mathematica, optimization news, etc with my name as the "discoverer" of plagiarism in Cao/Zhu paper on Poincare conjecture. This blog is to clarify what really happened. Whoever made the original wikipedia entry probably read this blog of mine where I clearly state in the first line itself that the pdf was emailed to me by Jeremy Morgan. I really don't know if the pdf was made by Jeremy Morgan or someone else. Neither do I know who first noticed these similarities. I would like to guess it was Kleiner and Lott themselves. All I did in my blog was to post the pdf file.

In any case, Cao/Zhu have finally published an erratum in the Asian Journal of Mathematics and can be read by clicking here. If you want to read a more detailed version, click here to read the recent arxiv.org posting by the same authors. This time, they renamed their paper to "Hamilton-Perelman’s Proof of the Poincare Conjecture and the Geometrization Conjecture" and clearly state in the beginning of their introduction that the full credit of proving the Poincare conjecture goes to Hamilton and Perelman.

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