The Vasundhara Raje kiss!

Here is the now famous kiss between the Rajasthan CM and Biocon India Chief Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw. Coming from a male dominated state which gives handouts to tourists with lessons on "local Indian culture" like
a man must never touch a woman in public, even to help her out of a car, unless she is very elderly or infirm.
she definitely has the balls to kiss someone from the same sex in public. And as usual the ICCs ( Indian Cultural Crybabies ) are out crying, saying this is a very unindian thing to do. Yeah, get it right. Indians don't kiss or have sex. Our population explosion is still an unexplainable divine miracle. This time, it's not the usual RSS/BJP/VHP suspect who are crying, but the opposition Congress in Rajasthan. Hmm, who doesn't want to miss the opportunity to pose some selfrighteousness. State Congress Vice-President Raghu Sharma has asked her to apologise for "hurting" the people of her state. Raje has a very funny fitting response.
Raje had denied the charge and said the show was meant to promote the khadi weavers and spinners of Rajasthan.

The Satesman reports:
Activists of Women Congress staged a march and burned the effigy of the Chief Minister to protest against the photograph. They alleged that the CM has disgraced all women of the state by publicly engaging in such an act. Schoolchildren, under the banner of Citizens Forum, also staged protests.
Whats more funny about the whole incident is that, according to Economic Times, it was just air-kissing and the camera angle makes it appear like a liplock kiss. Raje was also in news a couple of days back. One for flying 341 times in 800 days on tax payer's money. And her response to this was also something straight and funny: "Do you want the CM to travel by bullock carts ?" The other time she was in news was for catwalking in Bangalore for a fashion show promoting Khadi.