Is God a whore ?

Daily Show has a funny clip featuring Samantha Bee, Jason Jones and Dan Bakkedahl on how god has been three-timing the Jews, Muslims and Christians. He first promised the land to Jews, then to Muslims and finally plans to hand it over to Christians (after the Armageddon I guess).

At least going by the middle east events the last couple of decades, it looks more cursed than promised.

Whats the matter with public breastfeeding ?

CNN has this article today titled "Lactivists: Where is it OK to breastfeed?" . Public breastfeeding is a topic which has gained momentum the last couple of weeks after a lady in Wisconsin was asked to breastfeed her baby in the restroom at a Victoria's Secret store! The store has since then apologized for the incident. My personal take is

1. Not many people on this planet feel comfortable eating in a restroom. And if a mom feels her baby shouldn't either, its perfectly reasonable. By aksing a mom to breastfeed her baby in a restroom, it somehow assumes that breastfeeding is a dirty act and needs to be done in private. I have just one question for puritans using such arguments. Would you also want breastfeeding Madonna to be removed from churches around the world ?

2. Its funny that this incident took place in VS store of all the places on this planet. They have boobs (and not breasts) hanging all around. I just can't see how their customer can get offended if someone breastfeeds.

Lastly, as someone pointed out in one of the online forums, people can tolerate a dog pooping in public areas but not a woman bf'ing :)