Selvaraj Thevar: The Aircraft Engineer from Dharavi

BBC special reports has a nice piece on Dharavi, Asia's largest slum. If you are bored of the recent media obsession with Sanjay Dutt story ( or "saga" as they call it), you might want to read this instead. Click on the image below to read about their personal stories and struggles in life.

Name: Selvaraj Thevar (46)
Occupation: Aircraft maintenance for Jet Airways
Earns: $260 (£140) per month - sole earner in family
Home: One room tenement shared with wife and son
Time in slum: 27 years, but hopes to move out

I can kind of identify with them as I had a couple of friends from Dharavi whom I used to visit quite regularly until my undergraduate days, or rather until I had the time to passionately take care of my fish tanks. Yeah, there are lots of good, professional, "exotic fish" breeders in Dharavi. And many of them help maintain show tanks in luxury five star hotels for example. Hope to catch up with some of them once I return back.

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