Stupid Ghose gets a company

If I were managing CNN-IBN, I would definitely stop her from hosting any shows. Even after being told so many times by Jethmalani that it is no business of her to question his right to defend someone, even after her own " national polls" show that a huge majority (80%) of the pollsters support Jethmalani, she goes on with next next segment Was Jethmalani's decision right ?. This time she invited another idiot to the studio room. One Kamini Jaiswal, who was "dissapointed" that Jethmalani is defending Manu Sharma. Note that Jaiswal herself is a lawyer.

I don't know if it was any Freudian slip, but she definitely said what I have in the image above.


arun said...

I saw the interview . She actually raised his anger. The channel even remarked about the advocates BP.
Too bad.

Anyway the advocate is not a fool.
He really played his part well.

The public eventually lost :D

amit said...

I think the media did a good job to bring these criminal cases against high-profile people to limelight and get them on fast track.

But obviously now what ghose is doing is
unacceptable. Such stupidity makes me wonder whether India needs a suitable law where people like ghose can be prosecuted for trying to interefere with the judicial system.

I would have normally had a bias against jethmalani. Now thanks to Ghose, i have a soft corner for him.