On Kherlanji brutality

This happened more than a month ago but didnt get too much attention. Recently, some gruesome images showed up in blogs like www.shivamvij.com and atrocitynews.wordpress.com. WARNING: The second link has some very disturbing pictures. You can also read a DNA India article here.

Bhaiyyalal’s wife Surekha, 44, daughter Priyanka, 18, sons, Roshan, 23, and Sudhir, 21, were first stripped naked, dragged from their hut to an open ground and hacked to death. He witnessed the killings from behind a hut where he was hiding. He now fears for his life too.

Surekha and Priyanka were beaten and gang-raped in full public view for an hour before they fell dead. “Sticks were pushed into their private parts,” says a policeman, asking not to be named. The sons were stabbed repeatedly and their private parts mutilated. Intriguingly, the post-mortem report says the women were not raped. “Doctors were managed and the police bribed,” alleges Rashtrapal Narnaware, a cousin.

Yet another gruesome upper caste landlord brutality against dalit farmers, just 800 kms from Mumbai! I think Shivam should put the pictures back, even if they are disturbing. Pictures have their own power to make people think and bring them to action.

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