Modi's speech after Mumbai blasts

Video google has a speech by Modi after the Mumbai blasts. Some of his lines included belittling United Nations, comparing Manmohan Singh to a coward drunkard and accusing him for givin up on POTA, bashing five star foreign activists (probably referring to foreign returned activists) and as expected Pakistan and Jihadi terrorism.

He starts off with a very lifeless and robotic "Bharat Mata Ki" with the audience flock responding with "Jai" and then

for i = 1 to 4

Modi_prompt ("Vande");
Audience_respond ("Mataram");
i = i + 1;


The audience mostly consists of middle and upper class people (the flashy sarees and kurta suits speaks out) and some swamis. Its quite amazing to see how he captivates his audience. They definitely seem to be enjoying it and you can see applauses every now and then. They also seem to be enjoying his jokes. Actually, even I enjoyed some. One of his first jokes is

Sardar sardar mein bhi pharak hein...

which he uses to compare Sardar Patel with our Prime Minister and convince the audience that Patelji was much better Sardar than Manmohan. Another one is when he compares metal detector at the security check point to a puja arti. Most of what he said sounded pretty dumb and beaten to death cliches to me and looked as though it was coming straight out of his Southern stomach through his vocal cord rather than his Northern brain. (No, I am not implying that Southies are dumber than Northies :). But I think thats exactly he is captivating. I myselves would fall asleep when Manmohan speaks :)

Anyway, I am reminded of the old saying: The tongue speaks, but the head doesn't know.


Anonymous said...

Sardar, sardar mein farak hai thats why Mr. Modi is free out of jail, if it were Patel, Modi whould have rotting in Tihar.
Btw look at state of inequality in India and World.

Anonymous said...

i cannot agree more :)

Anonymous said...

What bullshit are you commenting, you guys see what you want to see.