Kim Jong conveys Happy Diwali

I really can't understand the world obsession with Kim Jong II. This poor underprivileged kid wanted to celebrate Diwali with some lights and the world is going boo boo over it. I managed to get in tough with North Korean officials to check what other plans they had. To my surprise, they sent me this official Diwali greetings which Kim has been planning to send to world leaders.

This picture is very symbolic. The sunglasses that Kim is wearing symbolises darkness or untruth or Ravana or Saddam or Satan. He can't see objects of truth because of this and keeps stumbling here and there. Hence, he needs to flare up some light to remove the darkness due to his sunglasses and see light or truth for himself. The yellow and orange colors next to him denotes exactly this. Once the lights are up, he can see everything. Victory of good over evil, truth over untruth, Rama over Ravana, Bush over Saddam, Jesus over Satan. What better occasion than Diwali to spread this philosophy ?

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princeparas said...

Happy Diwali !