Gandhigiri websites :)

Just came across these links on Lage Raho Munna Bhai inspired Gandhirigi. Check out these if you are curious about what exacltly it means.

Another link is www.gandhigiri.co.in. If you are inspired to know more about Gandhi, the best source to start with is Gandhi @ Wiki. Gandhi's autobiography is also available online at wikisource, though I would recommend buying the book. Its not easy reading a whole book online.

Though I do not agree with many of Bapu's views, especially on the role of science and technology, lawyers and doctors in society, I would highly recommend reading his Hind Swaraj. Also keep in mind while reading this that this was written way back in 1909. Things were very different then and you need to see it in context. Maybe I am wrong, but I doubt if Bapu ever saw his charka as anything but a machine!

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