Punters bet Rs 150 cr on Prince

Check out Times of India to read about betting which took place in India over the survival chances of Prince, the four-year old who was trapped in a bore well for well over 48 hours. Personally, I dont have any problems with this or any other forms of gambling, betting over incidents etc. But what struck me in this article was the subtle racial tone against Gujrati's. It starts off as

" The Gujarati speculator's fondness for a quick flutter is legendary. But this was a truly a case of plunging to macabre depths. "

Almost reads as though Gujratis are usually fond of "immoral" gains. Immoral being a subjective unquantifiable term, the statement is technically unsubstantiable. The authors then conveniently use this incident to prove beyond any doubt that Gujratis can indeed "fall" to any depths to make easy money...

Maybe I am reading too much into the article :) Or maybe such gujju/sardar/bihari jokes are okay to tell your friends over a weekend beer party, but not in the media.

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