Jesus Aarela Re

Followed by 1000 years of peace on earth. So says many of the faithfuls around the world looking at the current events in Middle East. They point to Revelation Chapter 9 and interpret the current events as prophesies in that chapter unfolding before their eyes. The Armageddon they see is the world forces turning to Southern Lebanon, leading to unforseen catastrophe.

Just as a quick reminder. As the first world war was happening, folks with similar mindset were predicting Jesus on earth at any moment. That did not happen. So His trip probably got postponed until the second world war. That too did not happen. And there were many other wars till now, but no one saw the Dude down on earth.

Maybe these are God's ways which no one can predict. I for one cannot wait to see Him and am all prepared, armed with just one question. Was He really serious when he said "turn the other cheek" :)

Are you ready to face Him ? If you are not, check out today's CNN. It has a video titled "Some faithful preparing for end of the world".

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